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Hello, and welcome to the CELCO Electric Generator Division. From Residential whole house generators and House Boats, RV and TT systems, to large scale Commercial and Industrial generators, the CELCO Electric team has what it takes to deliver on time and within budget. We offer all major brands of generators, so you're not stuck with only one option for manufacturer. We let you decide which manufacturer and system best fits your wants, needs and budget and we take care of the rest. Whether you're in the market for a Residential Whole House Generator system, off grid generator or a 3 Phase 480-volt, diesel powered Industrial, healthcare of commercial generator system, Generators by CELCO Electric delivers. Every system we design, install, maintain and service is backed by our Industry exclusive Lifetime Labor warranty. We do not offer installation of owner furnished generators, transfer switches or associated equipment. If you want quality, "Click" on the link below and visit our Divisional website or "Click" on the contact us tab at the top of this page and we will go to work for you today.

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